Karádi Júlia : Starfish and Apple


The memoir you hold in your hand is unique in that the author revisits not (only) her own life. In search of her origins she picks up a dialogue with her long departed ancestor and namesake, asking her to tell the story, to help recall the forgotten past. Remembering for her whole family, fallen mute over past generations, because she realizes that in the present we need a story to embark on the future, just as the tree needs deep, nourishing roots to reach healthily towards the light.

The story urges remembrance as the only way for true healing, even if it is hard, or seems impossible, even if the silence of nearly a century has to be broken and we have to look up ancestors we have never met for answers. We ensure fertile soil not only to our own souls, but that of our grandchildren and forebears by doing so.


János Bálint, an adolescent participant at 13 in the unfolding story, read the memoir in his Israeli home on his 87th birthday. Last among the living to have experienced those events and can remember:


“I have not cried for decades. Neither at my mother’s funeral, or my father’s. My feelings, my tears only overcame me now, as I read your lines. I have not had a chance till now to get to know your inner, or everyday life. It is apparent in your writing however, how deeply you can traverse the human soul. Like so many other survivors, I did not dare to give an account of the great loss our generation went through. Not until today.

That is why I find your recollection, the book you have so wonderfully composed so heartrending! In retrospect, from the perspective of my advanced years I have just awoken to this shortcoming of mine. Thank you for this.


With much love,


Avik Bar-On”


Julia Karadi was born in Budapest, 1985. As a psychologist and transpersonal therapist, besides working with adults, she also supports babies and families. Awareness of the profound impact of perinatal experiences and transgenerational influences is decisive in her approach to therapy. The present text came about as the final accord of seven years living in Holland and ten years of deep inner therapeutic work.

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My maternal grandmother, Fini, after spending a year in the läger at the age of twenty-five with her two sisters, learned that one must forget in order to survive. “Stay together”—told the mother her three daughters as she was separated from them at the selection. They survived because they stayed together. Fini had a weak...Tovább

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Szerző: Karádi Júlia
Fordító: Betlenfalvi Bálint
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Borító: Friss Krisztina
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